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A VA’s “Day Off”

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As all in the TALENTPOOL that is Ireland’s #SMEcommunity know, a “Bank Holiday” is a chance to catch up, while the rest of the world takes a break.  We do lots of OUTOFHOURSADMIN because, just like NYC, a VIRTUAL OFFICE always WORX!

Aslan the Lion was wise and Sage.
MINDFUL that PRODUCTIVITY improves when we are well-rested, ASLAN the VIRTUAL ADMIN decided to invest in herself – by taking a day off.

This is how it went.  Does it seem familiar?!……………………..

7am:  Alarm sounds but lids won’t open.  Try to boot up but there’s no power in the main battery.  Decide to apply snooze mode.  Turn speakers up full.  Alarm sounds again. Repeat snooze function and try hibernate mode.  Reboot works the third time.  Wish I could wake up more easily – AT A CLICK of a button would be great.  Shame I’m out of warranty.

Brain starts to Flickr and eventually my eyes stop circling.  At least they are not egg-timers any more…they really hurt…

7.15am: Check Windows.  Neighbours have cut their trees back.  Vista is different, but better somehow.

Choose today’s theme & styles, GLITZ & GLAM.  RED DIAMOND completes THE ONE IMAGE.  Receive compliments from other users in my LAN.  Preview reflection in new chrome mirror.  Accept comments.  FUNKY GODDESS indeed!

7.45am: Fill up on porridge…the recommended megabites.  Kids & husband pop-up beside me at the table.  In ascending order today.  Hmm…normally it’s descending order.  Why did that happen?  Will figure that out later and maybe write a blog about it.

It’s a lovely Spring morning.  Birds Twitter-ing (of course!).  Kids busy being Internet Explorers on Google Maps.  Open windows.  Mouse glides across the driveway, as if he has some sort of inbuilt roller ball underneath.

9.30am: Google Maps has lost its appeal now so we go out for a cycle.  Fun for kids, exercise for me. I like to look SO BELLE but it’s hard to keep the waistline cropped when I’m an ANYTIME-CAKES kind of girl.  Not to mention those delightful chocolates from PHOENIX DELITE.  Mmmm…chocolate…

Can’t help but brainstorm while cycling – it’s the ultimate WORKING ON THE GO. HONEST2GOODNESS, the whole world is a MARKETING SHOP when your mind is open to it – everything is totally LINKEDIN.  In fact, I think I can even spot my name embedded in the PIXEL CODE that is a laurel hedge.  Stop Lisa, it’s your “day off”…

Swat away a bug.  Spot evidence of a SPIDERWORKING on a branch.   “Even in the Weeds, There’s Honey” (one of my favourite marketing taglines!).  Admire the clouds.  They move so fast – we really shouldn’t ignore them.

11am: Return home.  Insert key.  Survey layout of messy kitchen.  Recycle bin is completely full.  Can’t ignore the dancing pop-up in my head telling me to empty it. It makes a reassuring “emptying trash” sound.

11.30am: Find watermark beside washing machine.  Hyphenated symbols in my think cloud.  Cursor!  “Undo” button not accessible so download known fix (a.k.a. towel) and search directories for emergency plumber.  Thank Google I found what I needed.

2pm:  Kids now full of EXCITEOLOGY – making shapes to music and inserting shadow effects in the living room.  Attempts to control alt my urge to declutter don’t compute. Have a great ID8.  Decide to sort my workspace while I have a clear day to do it.  Defrag laptop.  That should HELP MY PC to function better for me.  Cleared desktop.  Now I have a lovely tidy STUDIO, C?  And tomorrow’s BUSINESS SHOULD BE EASY-er.  Make note to remind me to get a MY GIZMO to store all the wires that are apparently vital for the wireless equipment to work.  Hmm.

3pm:  Work my way through a packet of docu-mints while listening to podcast of friend being interviewed on Near FM.  HEALTH EVENTS was certainly not a RELUCTANT SPEAKER.

4pm:  Child themes seem to have disappeared – on Safari again I’ll bet.  You’d need a 3rd i to keep tabs on them.  Zoom out to retrieve them from next door’s field.  Find them peeking through the hedge at a MOTION FOX.  Living in the countryside is great for kids…every field is nature’s own MUNAJUREE.

However, my two have their own to-do-list today, i.e. overdue homework projects.  No slacking allowed here…need to ensure their EMPLOYABILITY in the future.  Rearrange them in the correct positions at the margins of the table.  Return to review and do a final spellcheck.  Excel-lent!

5pm:  Prepare pie with meat from BYRNES FAMILY BUTCHERS.  Not exploded pie like last time – that’s a whole other blog – just a normal 3D one.  Wish I was better at being MY CHEF AT HOME.  It’s more Lisa’s Lucky Dip here than ARMELLE’S KITCHEN.  Pie must smell good though – family now forming enthusiastic SWIFT QUEUE for their portions.

6pm:  Use thesaurus to help answer all queries received during the News.  Love chatting to my kids – mark them as my Favourites every day.  That thought tugs at my heart-strings. Wonder if MY FINANCIAL WINDOW is open enough for me to become a full-time mentor to them.  Do a quick SUMIF to see.  Final COUNTIF ends the debate.

7pm:  Choose tv programme while I clear the table.  Dodgy content on one channel. Kids don’t like war games. Cursor under breath and quickly close programme.  Find alternative programme that fits all requirements.  Safe to leave running in the background.

9pm:  Hibernate kids.  Multi-task by catching up on back-up chat with husband while concurrently using file on thumbnails and noting interesting graphic on screen that would be useful in PowerPoint presentation I’m doing tomorrow.

9.30pm:  Other half goes out for a cigarette, causing draft.  Grab the chance to sneak over and quickly download MY QUIT TIME to his phone.  I’m such a CUTE HONEY, although I’m sure I’ll get a standard autoresponse when he realises…

10.30pm:  Read several blogs and bookmark favourites.  Realise that the day has just FLASHEFORWARD-ed.  Have done great work as usual sorting out everyone else, but still have inhouse task list pending.  Himself advises…”BE CENTRED U…you are obsessed with your to-do-lists and all things I.T.!”.  “Who, me?!” I reply.  “I greatly resemble that remark!”  (Oooh…BRILLIANT ME…!)

11.30pm:  Screen goes blank…memory is full.  Shut down successfully completed for another day.  Maybe I’ll get more done on the next Bank Holiday…or maybe I should just outsource…?


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  1. Brilliant! Great read….

  2. Be says:

    That is brilliant! So well done and with a good message too :))

  3. Lisa Nolan says:

    Thanks Jackie, glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Lisa Nolan says:

    Thanks so much Be. I’m delighted it got such a good response here and on Twitter today!

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  6. Grainne Dowdall says:

    Great Blog – made me smile !!

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