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IPE – where the patient is the focus

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HealthEvents Conference May 2012

HCPs networking at HealthEvents Primary Care Conference 2012

I had the pleasure of attending (and playing a small VA support role!) the Interprofessional Educational (IPE) Conference for Primary Care organized by new medical conference company HealthEvents.

As always, Gráinne (the undisputed queen of Events that are Health) had organized a super conference, jam-packed with educational content but still allowing plenty of time for networking, chatting, making new friends and catching up with old friends – but what struck me most was the person who wasn’t in attendance but very much the centre of attention throughout the weekend – the patient.  Every speaker, every delegate, every exhibitor and every topic covered had a razor-sharp spotlight on patients and how continuing education, multidisciplinary teamworking and constant reflection could improve patient care.

I was so impressed that I had words tumbling out of my head, so I wrote a little tribute to Primary Care Professionals – and was delighted when it became the “closing remarks” for the conference!

Here it is – hope it makes you smile 🙂

“Primary Care Professionals are a wonderful bunch,
But this you already know, I have a hunch!
While it could never have been described as a free lunch,
It’s been all the more difficult since this darned credit crunch.

Not demanding people, but much in demand,
Seeing 50,000 patients daily, throughout the land.
Even when funding comes through at a crawl,
We still give our best to each patient, one and all.

From the ones whose symptoms can be a mystery,
To the ones who give “hysterical rectum” as their medical history.
From the ones for whom, sadly, the end is very near,
To the ones who – each time – say “While I’m here…”
From the ones who from their treatment path regularly veer,
To the ones who whisper softly “Thanks for seeing me today, my dear…
My spirit was low, my pain is chronic,
But this chat with you today was just the tonic.”

And the ones who complain “that prescription was a farce…
..for all the good those depositories did, I might as well have shoved them ….” *

We work tirelessly to find a treatable cause,
Never seeking acclamation, nor praise or applause.
“Increase productivity!” they say, to which we retort,
“I’d have a gold medal if multitasking was an Olympic sport!”

Needless to say we don’t find it funny,
When health service decisions are based purely on money.
We will work on, though, with the patient our focus,
Providing care based on research, not popular hocus-pocus.

To this end we gathered in this great location,
To learn together through interprofessional education,
Every single speaker spoke so well, each touching a chord,
Inspiring us to work collectively and to all get on board.

The programmes we learned about were certainly inventive,
With patient care the universal underlying incentive,
We’ll go back to our practices, renewed with fresh zeal,
To apply what we’ve learned, theory to practice, making it real.

So safe journeys home, on this evening so fine,
And hope to see you all again, in equally good health, next time.”

* An insiders joke between healthcare professionals (& pardon the pun!).

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Coach and Virtual Executive Assistant, (previously Nurse and Midwife).
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