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The humble ice cube

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Well, all I can say is…thank goodness it’s February!

Early January brought various versions of Respiratory Tract Infections to our house, with a good dose of the flu as a very unwelcome encore towards the end of the month.  Having picked off each of us in turn (and mutating slightly each time), the flu virus finally vacated the building this week, leaving behind a fridge full of uneaten food, an empty medicine cupboard, a cat who can practically feed herself at this stage and, truth be told, tumbleweeds of fluff rolling around on neglected floors.

On a positive note, as a healthcare professional, I always think it’s a great learning curve to be “sick” for a few days because it reminds me just how awful it is to feel so unwell and also how impossible it is for a parent of young children to take any rest, let alone a duvet day or two to recover.  I confess to feelings of utter frustration whenever I saw the posters or heard the adverts from the Health Promotion Units reminding us that antibiotics don’t treat virus infection.  I’m as anti-antibiotics as they are, but how about some helpful advice about how to control those awful symptoms?

The Humble Ice CubeAs the owner of some seriously dysfunctional sinuses, I consider myself something of an expert in relieving the pain and discomfort of sinusitis and one of my favourite weapons in the war of the sinuses is the humble ice cube.  As I have yet to see a Health Promotion poster that actually offers practical advice, I have been inspired to design a self-help guide for my fellow sufferers – and there isn’t a tablet in sight!  There is a link below for you to have a look and print it off if you like.  I’d especially love to hear if you have any other non-pharmacological tips for relieving the symptoms of colds, coughs, flu or delinquent sinuses.

Roll on Spring 2013!

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Treating symptoms of Sinusitis

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