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Child Health Literacy – Hand Hygiene

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I have created a puzzle as a free resource for Healthcare Professionals.

It’s a Child Health Literacy Puzzle and it aims to:

– Keep children amused while they are in a healthcare waiting room
– Encourage their literacy, numeracy and health literacy skills
– Reinforce positive messages about healthy living
– Help them bond with your practice staff and make their visit more fun
– Encourage them to start and maintain good hand hygiene habits
– Give you the opportunity to reward these new habits

Child Health Literacy Hand Hygiene PuzzleDon’t forget to stock up on the all-important stickers!

You can download and print this puzzle from the link below.  Please feel free to photocopy this puzzle for use in your practice.  You are also welcome to use any of the other Health Literacy tools that I have created.  They are free to download from (on the right side of that webpage).



Additional resources* you may be interested in:

Medikidz Comics that explain medical conditions in language that children understand.

Medikidz - BurnsMedikidz - Type 1 Diabetes Medikidz - Asthma






Children Learning Reading” programme.


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