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Guest Interview – Aoife Manning, Nurse Jobs Ireland

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Guest Interview - Nurse Jobs IrelandThe future may be rooted in the past, but you can always uproot and replant.” This quote is perfect for anyone thinking of changing jobs but unsure about taking the leap.  Any nurse who would like to pursue their career in a new position need look no further than Nurse Jobs Ireland, a unique recruitment service that offers much more than job opportunities.  I was keen to share this fab new resource with you – and what better way than by chatting to Aoife Manning, Marketing Administrator at Nurse Jobs Ireland.

LN: Hi Aoife, we’ve been collaborating for a while now and I think is a brilliant resource for nurses, not just for job opportunities but as a place where nurses can connect and share ideas as well. What prompted the establishment of Nurse Jobs Ireland and what is its aim?

AM: Nurse Jobs Ireland was launched in 2012 with the aim of becoming number one for nurses who are seeking career moves. Nurse Jobs Ireland aims to become the market leader for nurse recruitment by providing a unique job seeker, career and networking experience to nurses that is beyond that which is offered by other recruitment agents in the market. Nurse Jobs Ireland is designed specifically with nurses in mind. We offer more interactive options than other jobs boards, such as a mobile version, Nurses Training and Events Diary, a Referral Scheme and a News and Information centre for blogging and industry news. We like to think of it as a unique platform for nurses. Nurse Jobie, The Nurse Jobs Ireland Director of Nursing mascot, is visible throughout the website offering tips and hints to nurses. She is also the face of our social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. All communication and our online social media presence are heavily branded with the aim of increasing our brand identity among the nursing community throughout Ireland.

LN: I see Nurse Jobs Ireland is involved in other activities as well, such as CPD for nurses. Tell us about those.

AM: At Nurse Jobs Ireland when we place a nurse in a new job, we don’t just forget about them after a few weeks;  when a nurse is successfully placed in a permanent nursing job through Nurse Jobs Ireland, you are entitled to a Nurses Training Bursary of €250 six months into your new nursing job. So, if you been thinking of up-skilling and continuing to improve your expertise we will help with €250 towards a professional Nurse Training course. We want our nurses to use our Nurses Training Bursary so they can be the best professionals in their nursing jobs.

We have a News & Info area for Nurses on our website, where Nurses can keep up-to-date with industry news and follow our Recruitment blog on CV Skills and Interview Techniques for Nurses.

Our Training & Events Diary offers a monthly schedule for various Nurse Training and other Nursing Events throughout Ireland.  We also have dedicated pages for Nurses Applying for Jobs Overseas, A Nursing Graduates page and Useful Links to various Nursing Industry bodies and areas of interests within the medical sector. We like to think of ourselves of more than just a recruitment website for Nurses.

LN: You certainly are!  I would have loved a resource like Nurse Jobs Ireland when I was practising.  As a Healthcare VA I’d love to know what admin tools you use in your everyday work? 

AM: Within the Recruitment Industry we need to be fairly tech savvy to make sure we are reaching our target market. Our everyday work consists of using a PC, smartphone and Apps to get our work done. Nurse Jobs Ireland operates across a number of social media channels so we use Apps such as Hootsuite and BufferApp to help keep these updated. We also use Arithon Database Software. Apps are going to change the way we do business in the future and this is something we will be looking into in 2014.

LN: What is your experience of using social media to connect with nurses and employers and create awareness of your services?

AM: Social media can be a great way to engage with your target market in various ways. Everybody is on some form of social media be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn but the important thing to remember is to post content that is engaging to your audience. Nurse Jobs Ireland uses social media to promote Jobs as well as sharing content such as blogs and company news and running competitions. We are beginning to see a lot more Nurses moving online and becoming savvy social media users. Nurse Jobs Ireland uses social media to engage with our Nurses and we receive many inquiries via our social media platforms which prove nurses are using social media to communicate when it comes to their career decisions.

LN: Have you encountered any I.T. challenges that affect what you are trying to achieve? 

AM: It can be hard to target your specific market online when you rely on social media sites as there are a lot of nurses not using social media platforms or they would not think to use them when it comes to their career. Also the online advertising space is so crowded it can be hard to get noticed at times. We also use Google Adwords to advertise our services which helps to drive traffic to our website but as I said before it can be hard to target a specific market with these tools.

LN:  I think you have used all of these tools really well – I see Nurse Jobie all over the internet!  Thanks Aoife for taking the time to chat and I wish you and all the Nurse Jobs Ireland team every success.

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