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Celebrate Nurses! – with Nurse Jobs Ireland

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Celebrate Nurses Our Every Day Heroes Week May 6th-12th 2014 and become a Corporate Partner or Sponsor with Nurse Jobs Ireland

Nurse Jobs logoGuest Post by Nurse Jobs Ireland

There is one thing I think we can all agree on and that is Nurses are the Everyday Heroes of modern society.

So why is it, there is no comic book Hero character of Florence Nightingale fighting against the villain?

Here at Nurse Jobs Ireland we feel Nurses should be getting even more thanks than ever before and let’s be honest; they run some show.  The long hours, the care they give and the dedication to their jobs.  Sounds like the makings of a Super Hero story line to me.

So why are the films about Hero police, firemen and soldiers and not Nurses? Let’s make a change in society.

Let’s give Nurses the Thanks and admiration they deserve, starting this year in May 2014 during International Nurses Week.

How you can get involved and help Celebrate Nurses:

We are looking for Corporate Partners and Sponsors to help us to Celebrate Nurses in style this year. We are looking for partners to sponsor an event or sponsor prizes to help celebrate nurses in style.

We want you to partner up with us here at Nurse Jobs Ireland and help to create a chain of activity to show Nurses they are always were and always will be the True Heroes of modern society.

Nurse Jobs Ireland will be hosting it’s second ‘Celebrate Nurses Our Every Day Heroes’ event during International Nurse Week.

If you would like to get involved as a corporate sponsor or corporate partner please contact Aoife Manning on 01-5241672 or email by April Wednesday April 16th.

Add your message of thanks to Nurses HERE

Last year Nurse Jobs Ireland started an online campaign to get 365 thank yous for Nurses to show them just a small of amount of appreciation.  The 365 Messages of thanks will be compiled together in an e-book which will be unveiled during Nurses Week 2014.
Sign it today!

Follow our online activity using the #celebratenurses

Check out our press release here

#CelebrateNurses with Nurse Jobs Ireland
#CelebrateNurses with Nurse Jobs Ireland

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