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Celebrate Nurses 2015

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I am delighted to share this Guest Post from Nurse Jobs Ireland here…Lisa

Now is a better time than ever to Celebrate Nurses.


Because there is none of them left.

There is a global shortage of nursing staff and this issue needs to be addressed.

In April 2013 89,000 people emigrated from Ireland and in April 2014 a further 81,900 emigrated from our Emerald Isle.

According to The Nursing and Midwifery Board Ireland there are 64,790 active registered nurses on their system.

In 2014 there were 8,119 nurses working abroad this was up from 7,705 in 2013.

In 2014 there were 2,369 newly registered Nurses on the system.  One thing is clear there are not enough Nurses to cover the demand and this problem will continue to grow year on year.

We want to know where are all the Nurses gone and why have they chosen not to stay in Ireland?

Back in 2013 we asked ourselves the same question and we came to the conclusion that Nurses are not appreciated in society.  It is clear to see from the media and our own research that nurses feel over-worked and underpaid.

From this information we developed our Celebrate Nurses our Everyday Heroes campaign.

How did #Celebrate nurses all start?

International Nurses Week is celebrated internationally each year from May 6th and ends on Florence Nightingales Birthday on May 12th.

In 2013 we launched our #CelebrateNurses ‘Our Everyday Heroes’ positive support campaign during International Nurses Week. What started as an afternoon of pampering with 10 guest Nurses enjoying style and self-care has grown over the past two years to a nationwide promotion of appreciation of nurses in online and offline activities. Our aim is to expand even further in 2015.

Please see to join in.

Celebrate Nurses 2015

Celebrate Nurses 2015

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