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6 simple Data Protection tips for voluntary groups

So, you find yourself elected to the committee of a patient support group, small community group or charity, parents association or a professional networking group.  Whether you jumped at the chance or just put up your hand to break the awkward silence at a meeting (next time, tuck your hands into the opposite sleeves!), no doubt you now have a long list of things to do, people to lobby, letters to write, fundraisers to organise and projects to coordinate.

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Guest Interview – Jane Campion, MD HealthCare Minds Ltd

Guest Interview -“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it” – Margaret Fuller.
For my latest guest post, I was delighted to interview Jane Campion, MD of HealthCare Minds Ltd., who is certainly lighting candles of knowledge all around her through training and consultancy as well as her Healthcare Speakers Bureau – the only one of its kind in Ireland.

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The humble ice cube

Well, all I can say is…thank goodness it’s February!

Early January brought various versions of Respiratory Tract Infections to our house, with a good dose of the flu as a very unwelcome encore towards the end of the month.  Having picked off each of us in turn (and mutating slightly each time), the flu virus finally vacated the building this week, leaving behind a fridge full of uneaten food, an empty medicine cupboard, a cat who can practically feed herself at this stage and, truth be told, tumbleweeds of fluff rolling around on neglected floors.

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The Lady with the Tattoo

The moment that I rolled up the patient’s sleeve to take her blood pressure – and saw the tattoo – was one of the defining moments of not just my nursing career, but my whole life.  It confirmed all my beliefs and cemented my opinions, my view of the world, what’s right and what’s wrong – everything.

Because the tattoo was a string of numbers.

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Guest Interview – Grainne Lynch, MD HealthEvents Ltd

Guest Interview - HealthEvents.ieThis month’s guest interview is with Gráinne Lynch, MD of HealthEvents Ltd.  Gráinne brings a wealth of knowledge from her nursing days and many years of experience as a medical/nursing conference organiser to her new business venture and I was keen to find out about what technology and admin tools she uses in her work.

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IPE – where the patient is the focus

HealthEvents Conference May 2012

HCPs networking at HealthEvents Primary Care Conference 2012

I had the pleasure of attending (and playing a small VA support role!) the Interprofessional Educational (IPE) Conference for Primary Care organized by new medical conference company HealthEvents.

As always, Gráinne (the undisputed queen of Events that are Health) had organized a super conference, jam-packed with educational content but still allowing plenty of time for networking, chatting, making new friends and catching up with old friends – but what struck me most was the person who wasn’t in attendance but very much the centre of attention throughout the weekend – the patient.  Every speaker, every delegate, every exhibitor and every topic covered had a razor-sharp spotlight on patients and how continuing education, multidisciplinary teamworking and constant reflection could improve patient care.

I was so impressed that I had words tumbling out of my head, so I wrote a little tribute to Primary Care Professionals – and was delighted when it became the “closing remarks” for the conference!

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A VA’s “Day Off”

As all in the TALENTPOOL that is Ireland’s #SMEcommunity know, a “Bank Holiday” is a chance to catch up, while the rest of the world takes a break.  We do lots of OUTOFHOURSADMIN because, just like NYC, a VIRTUAL OFFICE always WORX!

Aslan the Lion was wise and Sage.
MINDFUL that PRODUCTIVITY improves when we are well-rested, ASLAN the VIRTUAL ADMIN decided to invest in herself – by taking a day off.

This is how it went.  Does it seem familiar?!……………………..

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Child in Hospital

Child in HospitalIf you have ever had a child in A&E or a hospital ward, you will know that what they need is distraction.  Something – anything – to take their mind off the pain and the fright of what is happening to them.

Here is a download that just might help.  It’s quite a busy document but all the better to keep a little one amused.

The aim is to help your child to:

  • focus on familiar and fun details of their life
  • articulate how they are feeling
  • process what is happening and make sense of it
  • give them something to look forward to when they are discharged
  • pass the time colouring in the picture and adding names of new friends

It can be filled in by the child or the parent.

It could also be stored on the clipboard that holds the observations chart at the end of the bed to give care-givers information about your child as an individual.  As a health care professional myself I always found the best way to distract a child from a procedure (even a needle!) was to engage them in chit-chat about their interests.

All children deserve to be reassured.  I hope this helps.



Click here to print the CHILD IN HOSPITAL download
(when the link opens, right click on the screen and select the print option) 

This post also featured as a Guest Blog on the Nurse Jobs Ireland website

Additional Resources* you may be interested in:

Medikidz – Comics that explain medical conditions in language that children understand.

Medikidz - Type 1 DiabetesMedikidz - AsthmaMedikidz - Type 1 Diabetes


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What DID my doctor say?!

What did my doctor say?Hands up who has come home from a hospital appointment and thought “What DID my doctor say?!”

Lots of hands…I thought so.

I’m a healthcare professional (who mostly knows what to expect), but even I have been astonished by how difficult it is to remember details when it really matters.   A quick survey of several health sector colleagues (okay, chatting over coffee, still valid though!) proves that you and I are not alone.

I’ve been on that chair, hearing the worst news a daughter could hear.  And I’ve been there on smaller chairs in a different ward (several times!), when the problem wasn’t life-threatening, but still sick to my stomach because this was my precious child in pain. Each time I was acutely aware of how fear can disable your brain and prevent you from focussing – and absorbing – and hearing – and understanding the information that is so important.  Worry and panic are nasty little gremlins.

And what about those of you who have a chronic condition and who are the hospital’s “regular” customers?  Having waited (days, weeks, months, years?) for your appointment, watching the date approaching on the calendar, re-organising family & work to get there, waiting for longer than is acceptable or comfortable in a packed waiting room – finally your moment comes and your name is called.  THESE are the precious few minutes that you have been granted amid the melee of hospital life, and suddenly your brain shuts down.  You leave the room with one or two nuggets of information repeating in your head.  As you travel home you replay the video in your mind trying to recall the rest of the visit, only to find that someone had turned the mike off during recording and your memory is blank!

You arrive home.  Your family pounce… “Well, what did they say?”  You can’t answer.  “Did you ask about…?”  No, you forgot.  How frustrating!  And worse, how are you supposed to comply with your treatment and follow the advice if you can’t remember half of it?!

Healthcare professionals would prefer you to tell them if you don’t understand, than go home none the wiser and not follow your treatment plan.

So how do you overcome the fear gremlins?  Even if you are not a list person, this is the one time when a list is vital.   The gremlins have no power over a written list.

As a List Lover (some might say List Lunatic…) I have created a list that you might find handy in a health crisis, or useful to put on the fridge if you have a chronic condition.  It’s available to download & print FREE below and I send it with a virtual hug of support if you are in that awful moment of receiving bad news, or facing a health challenge.

To your health…and understanding it…


Click here to print “REMEMBER TO ASK MY DOCTOR…” 
To print, right click anywhere on the screen when it opens and select “Print”.

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Lisa on the Late Lunch radio show (LMFM)

l-r; Lisa, Maria & Velma

I was delighted to be a guest on Gerry Kelly’s “Late Lunch” show on LMFM last week. I was there with Maria Lalor from Pitman Training Swords and my fellow student Velma to chat about the Pitman Executive PA Diploma.  I also had the opportunity to give a little bit of information on what a Virtual Admin does and why using a VA is a cost-effective way for businesses and individuals to get their admin jobs done. You can listen to the interview through the link below.  Thanks to all who tuned in on the day!…Lisa.

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