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The Rocky Road to Health App-iness

Hands up who remembers being sent around wards to do ‘obs”?!  The practice of going from bed to bed with an array of tools has been derided as ‘task orientated’ – and while few argue with this, I personally feel … Continue reading

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3 tips for managing your e-mail avalanche

Did you know…?

The first e-mail was sent in 1971 – to notify the recipient of its own existence.
The first e-mail sent from space was from the shuttle Atlantis in 1991.
There are currently 3 billion e-mail accounts around the world.
294 billion e-mail messages are sent each day (although 78% of these are spam).

Hang on…rewind…294 billion e-mails are sent each day?! Do you sometimes feel that every one of those messages is landing in your inbox? Continue reading

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Guest Interview – Aoife Manning, Nurse Jobs Ireland

“The future may be rooted in the past, but you can always uproot and replant.” This quote is perfect for anyone thinking of changing jobs but unsure about taking the leap.  Any nurse who would like to pursue their career in … Continue reading

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Healthcare Professionals – Time Management for Quality of Life

How is your work/life balance these days? Did you just snort in total exasperation?! Medical Journals, blogs and my colleagues on the front line of healthcare are increasingly referring to the fact that Healthcare Professionals are at breaking point, burnt out, … Continue reading

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Child in Hospital

If you have ever had a child in A&E or a hospital ward, you will know that what they need is distraction.  Something – anything – to take their mind off the pain and the fright of what is happening … Continue reading

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